Businesses Helping Veterans

Businesses Helping Veterans

Wouldn’t you like to help homeless Veterans and those with disabilities get off the streets?

Sponsoring our Bus Route Directory builds an income source for the homeless and builds the business to our local communities.
Our Homeless veterans Bus Route Directory will Help everyone get ahead.

Setting up a Community directory program that works for everyone is very unique! POSH Marketing has been doing it for 35 years though and it always works.

A business route directory allows homeless veterans to interact with businesses! Veterans get the chance to help businesses get noticed along the bus route.

        It is a Win-Win situation for everyone

 A VERY BIG WIN for everyone!!! 

 4 Vets !!!

 4 Business !!!

 4 Transportation!!!

Wow, multiple levels of help

  1. A  sticker to show your support comes your way showing you are part of the team effort.
  2. Every single Bus Route will be lit up online as a place for business.
  3. Advertisers will have their business featured online in 72 hours.
  4. As soon as all areas are asked to join LCT BUS ROUTE DIRECTORY  WE WILL BE IN PRINT for One full year.
  5. You will be included in the best target direction Ever Seen in modern advertising.

Thankfully, there is a much better solution to helping our homeless Veterans than ever thought of before.


When our team of vets is on the street signing businesses and concerned citizens along the bus route, they see the homeless who live there.Our buddy system allows us to share resources that are available for them today. It is very hard to reach these people any other way. 

 We have mailboxes for them And soon we will have funding to help with identification and housing (Thanks to this program).  

  • The worker gets $30.00 on their personal account, the rest ($70.00) goes to Life Change Transitions for production cost and Human services.


  • By helping others this way we win big too. Everything is ready to go, once your information is installed it will be up and running within 72 hours.
  • No handling of money, you sign up online.
  • We transfer your information to our online directory within 72 hours.
  • We send you a Thank you sticker for you to show your support.
  • We are in print for one total year, with our total directory including you on all the routes showing off your area like a star!

How Does it Work?

It’s easy! Every bus or rail stop has a number. Pick the stop number you are closest to.  Your Type of business and name, along with your address go right next to the highlighted stop number.  They see you; they click on the highlighted number for route info.. boom boda bing, they get right to you from anywhere.

No, seriously, it literally takes 10 seconds and $100.00 at our PayPal button and you have the best and most targeted advanced network working advertising and social help for your community that you have ever done. And it feeds you for a full year!

LCT 4 Vets has integrated information with people needing to know whats on the bus and rail line. Businesses on the Rail line and bus have the need for exposure to meet the needs of their potential customers. This turns out to mean ‘excellent way’ to fund our Veterans.This allows the Veteran to FEEL GOOD  helping the community they live in.

As the LCT Bus Route Directory is also a functioning information builder, it is easily one of the most useful modernizations communicating devices in the market today. Making traveling the Routes easier, and People more mobile.

Here are a couple of the great features:

  • Vets get the help they need to bounce back
  • LCT Bus Route Directory becomes attractive to people looking for specialized services along the route.
  • More people start using the bus and rail because of the information on the LCT Directory.
  • Bus routes become attractive to businesses because of LCT Directory.
  • Easy Target Direction is created for advertising as each bus stop has a number to jump on with information.
  • Shows true community support and comes with a sticker for appreciated viewing.

And Thanks to your help; Community events will run free in each area where there is sponsorship.

And we all know what community events do for our business.

And yes! You can thank our vets for all they do every time they see that sticker in your window!!

Our LCT BUS DIRECTORY is only $100.00! It is a One-time payment. Pay on-line; or give a check to your Guidance in Vocational Education (GIVE) salesperson. No cash, please.

Where can I buy one?

GET YOUR SPACE RIGHT HERE AT LCT WEBSITE. Fill out the form to the upper right up above and pay on this website. Make sure to mention your salesperson’s name too. See ‘make a difference’ page on this website above and purchase with most securely online.

Enter your name and phone number in comments to the upper right.
For your ad: Write your Business name or Sponsor name see the example below.
Type of Business: Name of Business: Address of Businesses: phone if you would like to be contacted. Feel free to contact us. This will be 100% deductible for your business as advertising is a 100% write off! And will reap amazing results for you and everyone. See you on the other side.

Verna Dunlap CEO Life Change Transitions.

Owner POSH Events and Information since 1982

BS Human Development Warner Pacific

MA LPC (2018) Licenced Professional Counselor

Example ad
#23475 Restaurant Ship Inn Seafood Specialty #1 on 2nd street 503-555-5555 11am-10pm

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