NA AA Anonymous Chit Chat

NA AA Anonymous Chit Chat


Hey brothers and sister Vets and Neighbors with addictions! We have a 12-step meeting that needs a place to start back up to help you cope with life and quit those ugly things:  smoking, drinking, gambling, drugging.  

Life Change Transitions is looking for a new place to meet.  So, you can’t come by our meeting room but you can call us, at 503-593-4074.  

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    1. We are AANA Chit Chat. We have an online format now. We have 24 hours of space for AANA chit chat. I am the CEO of Life Change Transitions (LCT). Our 12-step meetings were at our homeless shelter in Oregon City. Due to zoning issues with the city, we were closed April 28, 2018. We are moving forward with hopes the nonprofit will keep us going.

    2. Our Veterans shelter went down April 24, this year. We had documentation through our group leaders that came over on Mondays to do the meetings. Matty Timmons lead our AA-NA meetings. MAtty was murdered by an out of control roommate early this year. We are starting a ‘5k Matty Timmons run’ in His name to feed all the homeless Supporting 501c3 businesses in Oregon City just as soon as we get back on our feet in remembrance of him.
      We are Chit Chat, our GIVE houses are private, and until we get another shelter, we won’t be housing actual meeting. That’s why we have this, a place to go when ever you think about it. When you just need to have a comforting word of hope. Chime in.. We are Anonymous chit chat.. No ones better than anyone else here!

    1. We will need to raise the cash for it. We lost our homeless shelter in April to the city zoning laws. We are a non profit for a great cause. So we will have our meetings here. We need a place and we have one here . Hi

  1. Hi. We will have it before much longer. We had an AA NA and overall addiction meeting on our property before it closed down.

    This is a blog for people reaching out for help truly anonymously. Nobody has to walk through any physical doors. Some of our guys and gals are having trouble bouncing back. Lots of that has to do to what holds us. We can let go here. We of course are looking for leaders here. So speak up. And know that we have the best of intentions here. As for property, LCT is a 501 c3 and is raising money for the homeless shelters and guidance. Most people I have talked to like the idea of being able to have a place available at all times.

    I represent vocational education through projects and donations. I’m a coach. I have a bachelors degree in Behavioral health and have studied Military Resilience under General Dee’s.

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