What We Do

What We Do

Vera Dunlap
Vera Dunlap, CEO Life Change Transitions
I am proud to say we are a G.I.V.E. House. Giving Guidance in Vocational Education. We pride our self in helping with intellectual material to help power up the pride and faith one needs in their self and their community to succeed. 




I want to let you know we know..

We know that no one loves more

than a veteran! 

IF you would like to join our team PLEASE drop us a note!!! Thirty dollars out of every $100. for the Business Route Directory to LCT goes to the LCT career agent who signed em up! PLEASE DROP US A LINE TODAY! Find out about the benefits that come with joining LCT team. 

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 LCT 4 VETS Helps to get homeless Keyed in. With a new start!
Welcome our LCT Public Transportation

Business Route Directory!

Hello! I am Verna Dunlap, I have the homeless Ministry here in Oregon City, and I am the CEO of Life Change Transitions.  We are a big help to homeless Veterans and those with disabilities in this community.  BOUNCING BACK Is what LCT is all about.  Veterans deserve it.  Especially those with TBI (traumatic brain injury); and those who have amputee problems; the street is just no place for them. We help them find shelter. We started LCT, buying this 32 bed, Room, and Board, to help the homeless feel better about themselves. We immediately were shot down to 5 people due to new coding regulations. Now we are allowed, after many dollars and time and tears and lawyers and fees, 16 healthy people. We don’t have lots of space here to serve the community sleeping space, but we do have 300 mailboxes and an opportunity any person wanting hope can cling to. We have ways for all, Businesses, Vets, Events, Transportation systems, ALL to make money at while serving their community. 

I’m proud to say that I studied Military Resilience Counseling under Major General Robert F. Dees, US Army, Retired. Major General Dees teaches through Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia. During my Masters Counselor training, my heart pumped strong for building our Veterans and our communities. Vets need to build their Resilience to Bounce Back, this is how giving to receiving work together. 

Helping Community and business thrive at the same time
I am retired as a promotional counselor and owner of an Event Marketing business that had its inception in 1982; you may know it as Pacific Ocean Services and Hospitality (POSH). We had 68 tourist information racks on highway 101. POSH was located in Astoria and served Oregon, Washington coastline, including the Canadian border for distribution of printed media, through 2007. I went back to school in 2007 with my focus on helping people.

My first co-op advertising business show was in Lake Oswego at the Village Jazz back in 1983. Continuing that work is the appropriate beginning for LCT’S publication of our Public Transportation Business Route Directory. The cost of advertising on LCT route directory is ridiculously low at $100.00 a year and serves the community as well as your business enormously. This advertising Directory will be served by veterans and those with disabilities that need to do something positive with their lives. The transit systems are begging for growth and acceptance. The businesses along the routes and events need exposure. Our Veterans need work.

In 2012, I went back to school and now am finishing up my 60 hours Masters Program as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC, 2018), I specialize in crisis and career coaching. My first love is Military Resilience Counseling. General Robert F. Dees is famous for his ‘Bounceback‘ Recovery Therapy; helping returning Vets and those in crisis. In addition, I received a BS in Human Development from Warner Pacific College, here in Portland.

An Invitation
I invite you to come on board the LCT Public Transportation Business Route Directory. The total cost is just One hundred dollars per year. You never have to exchange money with your salesperson when you sign up. Just go to our website and pay your $100.00 for one year of advertising that will be….

Online in 72 hours at your bus stop number; including up to four lines of 42 characters each about your business….

Advertising In print and distributed for 1 year at area chambers of commerce, hotels and along all Public Transportation routes.

A glossy, full-color sticker showing your support will be coming your way. Please show your support openly

$30.00 of the $100.00 will go directly to your salespersons‘ PayPal account. The rest will go towards LCT production and helping our community support the homeless with bus tickets, id, emergency housing, and other like goals in our area.

Needless to say, my advertising career has gone full circle. I am a 61-year-old woman who started as a promotional counselor at 27 years of age. Today, I have a homeless shelter here in Oregon City, with a whole new target direction of helping people and businesses thrive ALL IN THE Same breath!

I am happy to speak on behalf of our new Public Transportation Business Route Directory to your clubs and Chamber groups! Just let me know when and where. In the meantime, sign up! Compassionate giving works for everyone! Love to meet with You and your group.




We are always looking for volunteers. YOUR CARING AND HELPING GETS NOTICED WITH LCT.. You will be in our THANKYOU  DIRECTORY in 72 hours. You can help us under our house ministry through Rev Vern!


WE ARE GIVING BACK TO OUR COMMUNITY. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and help others. Meetings every Monday Night.